Dec 10, 2010



Saya kena tag lagi. First dari PUAN Akma and lagi satu dari Yoo Jin. Wooot wooot! sekarang penuh dengan tag rite. Kira oklah tu , kurang proses pemerahan otak nak fikir topic untuk update blog-kan. Baguslah pencipta tag-tag nie , memudahkan kerja :]

First :

Ok untuk tag PUAN Akma , saya harus buat 25 fact tentang diri saya then harus tag lagi 25 orang. 25 orang? Ramai gilaa... Actually before ni penah publish 101 Ainnz Abiggaill. So i pick up 25 point randomly lah ey untuk tag nie :

1. i like to start a conversation with my friend with "Weyhh!"

2. nearly everyday of 2009 i’d watch twilight

3. i don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything. i choose to write and people read

4. Adidas fruity rhythm perfume is my faaaavourite

5. i’m not very good with grammar and english

6. i swear a little too much

7. i started my blogspot on november 2008 and start active only at 2009

8. sunflower are my favourite flower

9. i love basshunter song

10. i have so many stories to tell

11. i’ll always have an insane love for amy lee

12. i wish i have a supernatural power

13. 100 plus tangerine is my favourite things to drink on a really hot day

14. i am so grateful for all my friends

15. i hate durians

16. my real name have 3 N and 2 O

17. i have so many secrets you have no idea

18. johnny depp movies are my all time favourites

19. i love rainbow

20. i’m always remembering the past

21. Indra Brugman is my favorite actor since i was 11 or 12

22. i judge people on first impressions

23. i’m so sarcastic its not even funny

24. 84% of the time, i’m wearing tudung

25. i have two tortoise named joyah and joned

Orang yang saya akan tag ialah : Farah , Agon , Che Sakinah , Atikah Nasir , Zuryna , Farhany ,Meor , Faiz , and semua orang yang baca entry ni . What ur 25?? :]

Second :

Ni lagu satu tag harian. Sebelas hari. Memandangkan tag before nie pun tak settle lagi , jadinya tag nie hold dulu. Terasa macam assignment pula. Owh my assignment semakin membanyak , nampak gayanya semakin banyaklah entry ber - schedule ;]

Coping Day Challenge.

1. Explanation of who you are (picture too).
2. Something that makes you smile always.
3. Something you’re looking forward to.
4. A short story.
5. Favorite picture, within reach and why?
6. Last BEST memory
7. Last feeling of accomplishment.
8. List of feelings you love.
9. Obsessions, if any.
10. Bad habits.
11. How you’re growing up.