Nov 5, 2010


1. i like to start a conversation with my friend with "Weyhh!"

2. my dad and my mum is always going to be the most important person in my life. i can never seem to stop caring, even after everything that has happened

3. i don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone about anything. i choose to write and people read

4. Adidas fruity rhythm perfume is my faaaavourite

5. most days i stay in trackies all day with messy hair and no makeup

6. i swear a little too much

7. i’d much rather listen to tomok then lady gaga

8. sunflower are my favourite flower

9. i love basshunter song

10. i have so many stories to tell

11. i’ll always have an insane love for amy lee

12. i wish i have a supernatural power

13. 100 plus tangerine is my favourite things to drink on a really hot day

14. i am so grateful for all my friends

15. i like to replace ANG to UNK at KORANG

16. my real name have 3 N and 2 O

17. i have so many secrets you have no idea

18. nearly everyday of 2009 i’d watch twilight

19. i love rainbow

20. i’m always remembering the past

21. Indra Brugman is my favorite actor since i was 11 or 12

22. i judge people on first impressions

23. i’m so sarcastic its not even funny

24. 84% of the time, i’m wearing tudung

25. i have two tortoise named joyah and joned

26. i wish i can increase my height

27. i insult everyone way more then i give out compliments

28. i barely type with capitals letters unless i’m excited or trying to explain something

29. dettol hand sanitizer always needs to be within reach

30. i love animals

31. i love chick flicks more then anything

32. i have never actually read any of the harry potter books

33. i love twilight but i dont own any twilight novels

34. i’d rather wear solids then patterns

35. bruno mars is my new obsession

36. i dont like alice’s in wonderland

37. i’d rather wear small shoes then heels or big ugly sneakers

38. i love vampire story more then love story

39. my boyfriend and i broke up on april 2009 after 4 month we have been together

40. my first boyfriend is my first love. we still love each other.

41. i’m actually really easy to talk to

42. i’m not very good with grammar and english

43. but i’ve always been the top of any practical subject

44. my fingernails all grow at different lengths

45. i’m not good at any sports

46. i hate being told i’m not good enough

47. barney , teletubbies , jellabies , combo ninos are my favourite cartoon

48. my most favourite colour is black

49. i’m such a stubborn bitch

50. i have the worst sweet tooth

51. mangosteen are my favourite fruit

52. i hate durians

53. i’m very socially awkward

54. i cant walk alone. Double awkward!

55. my bestfriend love pooh

56. i choose to associate myself with a limited amount of people as possible

57. i have 2 sisters

58. i don’t like the human race very much. it actually disgusts me

59. my walls are purple

60. my extended family and i are so close

61. i love to say the word lovely

62. i think i’m pretty fucking hilarious

63. i liked the spice girls alot when i was younger

64. i become addicted to facebook app’s really easily

65. i hate having multiple windows open on my computer

66. i’m an aunty

67. i love milo ice

68. i love to write lists of literally anything

69. i exaggerate. alot

70. i miss my bestfriend more then anything

71. johnny depp movies are my all time favourites

72. i keep everything to myself

73. i have the weirdest, uneven shaped eyebrows in the world

74. i love floral skirts and maxi dresses

75. i can always prove myself right

76. whenever i look at photos from my childhood i end up smiling

77. i wouldn't be myself without high speed internet connection

78. i play alot of farm freenzy

79. i always have alot to say

80. autumn is my favourite season, followed by spring then winter then summer

81. i naturally have black, wavy hair

82. i remember everything people do to me, good or bad

83. i’m so shy before i get to know you properly

84. i will nicely let you know if i think you’re a fucking asshole

85. i absolutely love disney movies

86. i hate my generation

87. i’m terribly afraid of crossing road

88. i started my blogspot on november 2008 and start active only at 2009

89. i drink chocolate/mocha milk like crazy

90. if i want something (realistic) i’ll make sure i get it

91. i love sitcoms and cartoons

92. i’m a little bit too honest sometimes

93. i go through phases of being obsessed with different things

94. i believe in faith

95. i’m actually a really good cook

96. my family is my all

97. i actually like muadzam shah. peaceful

98. i think shopping for stationary is one of the funnest things and i like it

99. i talk more shit about myself then anyone ever could

100. i love dora more then any other cartoon

101. i’ve spent way too much time of my life online

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