May 29, 2013




It's been a while since I've written you a "letter". My first letter before was on my 23rd birthday,  September 2011. It was a longgggggggggg time ago and I'm sure you miss me a lot during all this 2 years rite? ;) Anyway, how's your day? I hope you doing great! Nooo, today is not my birthday and not a Hari Raya yet . I just..suddenly feel like, I really wanted to talk to you at this time...I mean now. Rite now.

Currently, I am half way done reading "The Chocolate Run" novel. You know what, this novel simply make me craving for chocolate every single time i read it. Amber keep comparing people with chocolate. She is a chocolate expert. Me nothing to be compare with her even im'ma chocolate freak. Gosh! You know how she describe Renee darling? Something like this :

"Like her body, her fingers were long and thin. Her fingers always reminded me of  Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers, very little knuckle to spoil the length and shape of them. And wouldn't you know it, those fingers made a very loud noise as they pounded on the desk, emphasizing her words - probably the biscuit centre"

So comel aite. Tu baru part jari Renee, belum part Greg lagi. Her boyfriend sound so Yummy! ;]
Nahh nahhh , You smell that??
Piewwww someone get jealous!! Hahahaha!
Don't get jealous haaa. I know , i not only yummy but also so delicioso!! *giggle*

But lepas dah nak habis baca, I realize my crave is not really on chocolate actually, my real craving is "best mates". Call me weird or anything, I'm badly jealous with Amber Salphone. She always have someone she can talk to , Jen , Greg, Renee, Martha... I love to read what she and Jen doing every Tuesday night , their girl talk , sharing idea and problems.. I also love how she can be so open with Greg... Bukan bermaksud i'm in trouble and need a crime partner or tengah ada masalah and needed advise. And i'm not having any problems with people. I just... Ahh i don't know how to put it on the write word.

Since I can't have a "Amber-Jen-girl-talk" with my best mate , i hope, i still can have a "Amber-Greg-talk" with you. 

Last Sunday was Anis birthday. We spend nearly one day before Whatsapp-ing about something. Everything going so well. I feel  my best friend is back! I miss the day we have a girl talk. Kadang-kadang takde apa sangat nak cerita but still nak ada kawan berbual. Am i a loner? Blurghhh...
Me and Anis start being apart masa dia sambung study kat Penang. Takdelah apart mana pun sebab kitorang still ada masa untuk berdua. Then she graduate , I pulak ke Pahang. And still have time together even "jarang-jarang". Pejam celik , pejam celik, dia bagitahu dia nak bertunang. I start freak out.  Suddenly i feel so uneasy with Pablo. I know Pablo since me and Anis in Form 4. For sure Anis know him better and I'm so OK with their relation. But when diorang getting serious sampai nak bertunang , ohhhhhh i just want to scream out loud "ARE YOU ON PLAN STEALING MY BESTFRIEND FROM ME???" on Pablo face. Seriously!

Last month I attend their wedding ceremony. Erghhh I swear my heart was only 25% to cheer her on that day. The rest? at the corner of bed, sulking, sad, keep thinking "Why she? Why my best friend need to married? Everything will change for now on, rite?  What i suppose to feel? happy or sad?". Now Anis-Me-Thingy goes to climax. Anis pregnant. Bammm!
Dia cakap selain Pakcik Man dengan Pablo , I'm the first friend yang tau about it and she ask me not to spill out *and now you already know..erkk*. Now not only me who feel afgersghrt , Anis also, when she read my reply:

"Wahhhh why so fastttt"

You see my triple H and four T there? I should *Should-should-should!* say congrats to her or something yang berbaur CONGRATS MIX like "Wahhhh congrats babe, so productive ey you guy!" or "Pegh! cepat gila! tahniahhhhhhhhhhh!" or "I'm happy for you!" instead. Ni tak, I'm out of sweet word stock agaknya. Agakkkkkkknyalah -___-
Babo me.

I hope you don't hate me for my stupidness .

I bet she really mad at me now and her perception  was like "Shut the fuck up bitch. I'm married and i'm pregnant, so what? You go married first then tahanlah dari mengandung. Bloody stupid!" to me.
Extra emotional.

I know you want me to send an apologize mesej aite?
I'm scared oi  :(
I wish you were here, so we can bring Anis to movie, watching Fast & Furious 6. Nanti mesti dia happy-happy tengok Paul Walker then settle masalah!

Ahhhhh so lame!

Ok lah.
Sekarang pun dah pukul 1.22AM.
We both need to wake up early tomorrow kan.
Ok then. See Yew Soon! *OME! :)*
Bye sweetheart. Good Night!