Dec 20, 2012

With this kind of weird attitude, who want to marry me?

Love is cute and wonderful. Every one of us wants, needs, desires for love. Somehow, love can be a horror epic in people life for some reason. With scary, hopeless love, its simply can turn your life up side down.  I'm not writing this entry with feeling like “I am a Doctor Love , olla!” .
Nahhh suddenly I just feel that LOVE is WEIRD. Do you think so? Yes? No? Why?

Ok, people at every inch of this world probably know this quote, “Love is blind”. But seriously, how "blind" it really was?

I have written something bout my instant lil brother aka instant kiddo aka soooo-what-ever-you-are-lahhh at THIS entry previously. My dad love him. My mum reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy love him and I guess my lil sister love him too even she keep asking my mum to send him home! Angah? She was so-so. Me?? Hurmmmmm…

The weirdo situation begins here...

Before this, I really-really-really admire , care , pampering him. Everything on him or any what he do can make me say this word ; “Omomomomomomomomelnyerr!!”. But after day by day , my feel turns. Every single steps he made annoyed me so f*cking much. I feel like “Oh goshhhhh ! What this kid’s doing hereee!!!Go awayyyy!!!You move 1 more step , I will bite you!“ *explode*

I know, I sound so childish and I am not supposed to have this feeling. I told this to Qerol last day, he hit me with this, “dengan budak kecik pun nak gaduh ke?”. Then I ask my self back, “Seriously ainn ? Seriously kau nak berperangai pelik dengan budak 4 tahun? Seriously???”.Hurmm I hold tight to the answer "Be and act like a matured lady Ainn"  and start to be OK back then. But when he start to mengada-ngada or tersengih-sengih like kerang busuk semula in front of me, nahh , annoying momentum back begins! 

Hello , I am Ainnz Abiggaill heart ripper~

Since he sleep with me every nite every time he stay at my house , by watching his sleepy face sometimes make my heart pounding and realize that I really love him *blush* like a mum love her kids , like sister love her brother , love like he is my own flesh and blood… *Fiwitttt! confess siot!*
Semua orang memang akan terjatuh cinta dengan budak kecikkan. Jangan nak menipu cakap kau tak suka budak keciklahhhhhhhh.

But again………..

Bila bangun pagi , hurmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm , watching him wake up beside me sambil dia bergumpal-gumpal dengan bantal busuk aku , mulalah aku dengan annoying tone , “oit mat kecik , why you still here haa? Go back to your house nowwwww~”. Pastu bila ibu dengar mesti dia membebel “kau pepagi dah buli budak tu bla bla bla bla -15minit non stop -. Urghh!! 

Why my “love” for him so blinddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd? Why? Why??

A-no-yinggggggg~~~~~ Dush! dush!

With this kind of weird attitude, who want to marry me? 

HAHAHA! kidding~ *face palm*


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