Apr 28, 2012

Presentation ? My ohh my!

FYR Presentation?
Ahhh i rather not to talk about it for a while. Too creepy to remember!

Me , Nani and Sarah after thesis presentation

Japanese Language 1 (JPNB113) Final Project Presentation ?

With last minute preparation , we can say that we really-really-really proud with our group presentation. Cute song , cute prop , cute presentation style , cute group members *ehem!* , cute silly mistakes that Jaha made in front of judges and make me laugh like hell in front of our class * embarrassing* !

We are "Ganbatte" !
Left - Right : Jaha , Anam , Tira , Me , Farah , Tika , Feeza , Kamal , Ida and Fatin

FYI pertama , behind our flag and that fan actually ada lyric lagu ;]
Dr Nash ask my group to sing Kampai  instead of Sukiyaki . Kampai is really difficult song to sing you know. Gila! , dahlah we start practice only 1 hour everyday , since yesterday. Lyric tak hafal apa semua. Memang harus pegang lyric- lah-kan.

FYI kedua , Kampai means cheers. Lagu ni pun jenis yang happy - happy but the melody is so sad like sfgehethyh. Confius gila first time dengar. Sukiyaki pula lagu sedih tapi music dia ceria gila! Pelik. Korang trylah layan lagu ni kat Youtube.

Some of our presentation material

Ichi , Ni , San!

After presentation done , semua orang terus ajak bergambar dengan "My payung gerai". Siap ada yang mention "payung ni buat bergambar untuk pra-wedding cantik ni". Blerghhhhh-

One of our final project requirements for this subject , we need to re-write the lyric from Romani to Hiragana.

Terasa macam kembali ke zaman sekolah when everyone put their signature and mini speech kat Nipon flag / kipas masing - masing. My group members is tooooooo cute! I really like them :)

Next week will be our last class for this semester.
I will miss my group members a lot. I will miss Dr Nash and my other classmates too , terutamanya Aisyah .

Oyasuminasai! *Good Night*


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