Dec 8, 2011

Still have the same feeling

You not the first one.
Who make my heart beat fast.
But i'm sure you're different.
Indeed. You are different.

First you caught my eyes..
Then you caught my heart.
You tied up my heart nicely,
Until i never feel like i lose your touch.

I'm so in love with you.
Yes , i'm in love with you since the first time i know you.
Every breath , every second,
I always in love with you.

Even now we're not close to each other. Anymore.
Even i can't talk to you like i want to. Anymore.
Even i can't be with you. Never.
Even we not born to be together. In my Dream.
Even we're apart. Far. Away.
Even i know, its over ,
I still have the same feeling.
I still get that same feeling every time i think of you.

I miss you, everyday its goes worse.