Oct 8, 2011


I on my "2C" mood. Cleaning & Changing. 

  • I change my Tumblr URL , blog theme & display picture
  • I change my display picture for Twitter and the background image 
  • I change my Blogspot name , change the design , remove background song. Remove all negative entry & the childish one
  • I clean up my lappy , more than 200 picture , 130 MP3 & 5 program/software have been deleted. I change my folder icon , i change my wallpaper
  • I delete 10 movie , delete 30 picture , 2 folder of MP3 from my External Hard Disk & change the folder icon 
  • I set to private  few albums at my Facebook

And i don't know why.... *rolling eyes*

Oh anyway i have something to SHOW-OFF to u'oll(s)!! *wink*

Merry Go Round Icon!

Merry Go Round  is one of a few free icons that you can use to your personal notebook/laptop/computer. 
And yeay its time to remove your boring-oldies folder icon to the cutie-sweety-pie one!

What to do? 
As simple as 1-2-3, follow this step :
  1. Search and download any vector icon u're interested from HERE
  2. Extract file
  3. Right click to any file- Customize- Browse- then set up your new icon and done!

Check mine! ;]  

Cool rite?  Hahaha too sweet and girly.
For guy , don't worry. If u like to change ur lame icon tapi tak nak nampak ke-jambu-an , eyh YouToArt also have something yang more-to-guy~ 

*Ctrl + Click picture below for more details*


Pencil Graffiti Style

Decadence Graffiti Style

Water Color Hand-painted

SANRIO ico 图标


Vehicle Design

So what you waiting for?
Laptop murah & lama sekali pun kalau "dicantikkan" akan tetap nampak baru dan hebat!

See ya!



che sakinah said...

wahh.. simple n nice. so, seriously no Woot.woot?


Ya , no Wooot Wooot!... Ramai blogger pakai nama yg sama. So malas nk kongsi2 nama blog...

RIP Wooot Wooot!

addin dyna said...

woohoo.. memang tercari-cari. useful indeed. =)