Oct 9, 2011

Celebrating 9-10-11 with 90's Music

Good to be Zaid cos he gotta chance to watch Westlife Live in Kuala Lumpur : Gravity Tour 2011 last friday. Me? extremely jealous!. Because of him , i keep on listening to 90's pop boy-bands since last nite , non stop now.*Loser-response-towards-her-disappointment*  T_____T 

Never mind.

Kau layan tak boy-bands? Tak? Ok click close window sekarang! 
Nahhh joking :p

I love 90's boy-band!. I still remember how obsess i am to majority of boy band when i was in secondary school *blushing*. My first boy-bands-crush of course-lah Westlife!  I love their song , the lyric & melody sangat men-tusuk-kalbu-ku.

Erm if i'm not mistaken , i started to "enjoy" English song since i was 13. Not just "listen"-lah , also try to "explore" the meaning behind every song that  i  mumbling. Sebab pernah kut nyanyi-nyanyi then 1 monster shout to me "Nyanyi lagu inggeris konon ,setakat nyanyi tapi tak tau maksud nak buat apa". And i was like "Erkkkk afbaghirgbhr suka hati akulah!".

Actually what that freaking monster said is true. Basically if you don't know the meaning , you also don't know the real word their use and the right pronunciation semua. Serious. Sebab aku pernah kut dituduh melucah masa nyanyi theme song untuk salah satu radio Singapore. *Jeling ke arah Ayu Bunn*
On that time aku ni jenis nyanyi sembrono je , dont know what exactly the lyric , so i was like UUUUUU-JUST-SING-IT-BABY!
If i'm not mistaken , the lyris was "Music connect everybody , life connect to harmony". But i sing it as.....


I sing it out loud. Serioussssss!
You try pronounce CONNECT then pronounce KO-NEK. Sounds different rite? 
Try pronounce EVERYBODY on your own way & then sebut E-VE-RI-BO-DI. Also different rite?? 

Its me :] 


Beside of  word- pronunciation-lesson , many thanks to them for the awesome lyric . Tak rugi hafal lagu diorang sebab the lyric helping me a lot when got no idea what to write on for essay. Even though my English teacher keep remind me that "Noorainn , please dont use any  song lyrics again when you write your essay. If you keep doing this , how bout your SPM then?". 
Nahhhhhhhhh SPM also gua tibai je. 

SPM , PAPER BAHASA INGGERIS got B. Ahh ok what!!  *You save me guys. Wihuuu!*

Oh did i've tell u that Simple Plan lyrics is the most often be used? F.Y.I! 

Who able to forget this boybands seriously ??

O Town , N'sync , A1, Back Street Boys , Blue , New Kids On The Block , Boyzone , Westlife , Boys ll Men , 98 Degrees , Five , Busted , 911 , All for One , 3T , Take That, Hanson ....

One of my all time favorite song is All or Nothing by O-Town. Sometimes i used to sing this song to my sister and keep repeat it until we both fall asleep. *Yaaaaa , i know , i'm sweet :)*

90's boy band song  is more romantic than JB songs.
Just saying~



Mya said...

ouh ya. tingat zaman dolu2 mg sweet je layan boyband ni. bsb. nsync. moffats. westlife. etc etc=D


Bestkan! rindu zaman dedulu T__T