May 15, 2011


We live in a culture of insults. I mean, we’re constantly bombarded with these images of people who are richer than us and happier than us or have more interesting sex than us and it makes us feel terrible. We tear them down to feel better about ourselves, and we don’t just stop with the people who are on tv or in the magazines, we do it to everybody. And we think that because it’s done anonymously, there are no ramifications. But it does have ramifications- It makes you comfortable with insensitivity.

Gwyneth Paltrow (Glee)


f@r@h said...

ainn, dah ade glee yg baru ke? frh baru jer download glee baru tgk ep17..


ainn dah ada episode 21 s1 tue!!
season 2 semua ada kecuali episode 20, xsempat nk dwnld dh kena balik hutan :]