Dec 1, 2011

What is the difference between being alive and truly living?

Last nite , i attend Forum Luhur Maal Hijrah together with few friends. I can say Luhur Maal Hijrah with Wardina , Sham and Imam Muda Nuri as a panel ,  is a very nice forum with loads of interesting story based on their experience.  

What make me really excited to spend 3 hours for this forum is because Sham Kamikaze was there ;)
 No , i'm not a huge fan of him but i really want to know what factor , what happen , what behind the scene that made him "hijrah" from old to new Sham. And i know why now. MasyaAllah :)

Kak Dina ask what the meaning of Hijrah in our own understanding and perspective, majoriti said Perpindahan. Yes , perpindahan , but what kind of perpindahan we really mean of?

What Hijrah is all about to you reader? :)

Some interesting line i got quotes last nite :

  • One thing that never change is Change - Wardina Syaffiyah
  • Stop fault finding in others. See back what we are doing before , cari kesalahan diri sendiri and with that kita dapat memunajatkan diri  - Sham Kamikaze

"I pray to Allah to give me a hidayah. I wanna be a better person, my age is increasing , i'm getting old. I should start my "Hijrah" from now.  I hope i can avoid negativity and negative people. I don't want to waste my time for something not worth it. And i must be true to myself on everything. InsyaAllah...- NAB" 


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