Dec 19, 2011

"Dear uncle, please be strong."

Since i already scheduled few entry for this month and not posting anything "fresh" out and not checking my blog , i miss some update from my favorite blogs. After go through one by one , my heart nearly stop pumping when read this "poem" from my aunt's blog...

This is my uncle Halid guys...

Ain, the condition becoming worst and worst from day to day..his blood pressure was so low and doctor advise the family to feed him with whatever he wanted to eat... He kind of reflect his past a lot lately and redha... he was sooooo different from last week, becoming shrink and under morphine all the time.
Dr said he have abt 20-30 % and they has gave up and not so sure what else they should do.. he go through dialysis and chemo but that's not good enough because the bacteria spread very fast and almost all the organ has collapsed.
It was really sad, how within less than 3 month his health becoming worst and worst...Pray for him please:(    -Aunty Syam

Uncle Halid is brother-in-law to my mother sister, Mak Teh. He's handsome rite? ;]
I still remember the day he stay at my grandma house when me and few cousin spend our school holiday there. I play with him , sleep beside him , storytelling with him... I still remember that day.

My mum told me that he suffered blood cancer now. I feel sad bout him...

Please pray for him to get better...

Allohumma Robbannaas azhibil ba’sa isyfihi wa antasy syaafi laa syifaa’an illa syifaa’uka syifaa’an yaa yughoodiru saqoman 
(Ya Allah Robb sekalian manusia, hilangkanlah kesengsaraan ini dan sembuhkanlah ia. Kerana sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Penyembuh dan tidak ada kesembuhan melainkan hanya dari-Mu yaitu kesembuhan yang tidak  meninggalkan penyakit lagi.)

"Dear uncle, please be strong." 

Al Fatihah

May your soul rest in peace Uncle Halid


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