Nov 21, 2011

The best things come in small packages.

Stress , always on rush , times , assignment ,  mood , sleeping schedule , dateline , knowledge , confident , trust , relation with other people , ambition , exam , book , lifestyle , urgent , environment , project paper , friends , thesis , fact , family , different opinion , reason , lecturer.... Everything scramble on my mind.

Time flies.I'm grow from a fresher to a final year student. It's been the best years of my life actually and it's time to all out and move-move-move on. Different year , different problem , different story , different people i need to face off. Life won't be so easy rite. Winning is earning ,  losing is learning...

Anda tidak boleh mencipta pengalaman. Anda mesti menghadapinya. - Albert Camus

When talk about "pengalaman" and based on my "pengalaman" yang tak seberapa sebagai student ni , masa belajar selain focus on what you should do as a student , setting your goal, have a good study environment and something bla bla bla , what you also need to have is a good friends there. Good friends are good for you and a friend in need is a friend indeed.

I have an experience with two different types of "friends".
First with some people that real in friendship.
Second one with motherfucker-fake-devil-backstabber-why-you-still-on-earth kind of people.

When you are surrounded by people who always positive , supportive , nice , tak kedekut ilmu , suka bersaing secara sihat , automatically kau akan enjoy your student life dengan tenang & sentiasa ter-motivate untuk belajar. Tapi bila dikelilingi dengan orang yang pemalas belajar , malas pergi kelas , buruk perangai... nahhh you will end up with nothing. I regret nothing knowing them  lah kan, bad friends help me grow up actually. "Love" u all.*slap-slap-kick-kick* o__O

Orang tua-tua kata ,  kawan mencerminkan kawan so choose your friend carefully. Pengaruh kawan-kawan tu kadang - kadang lebih kuat dari pengaruh ibu bapa on a certain matter. Pada adik-adik yang baca entry ni , please-lah be careful with people you involved future. Nak-nak-kan yang bakal sambung belajar ke sekolah berasrama. Banyak dugaan-

On the other side , kadang - kadang apa yang berlaku, disebabkan oleh diri kita sendiri juga. Bak kata pepatah , "Kalau takda angin masakan pokok bergoyang" :)

The 7 Qualities of a Good Friend : 

  1. Take a genuine interest in others. 
  2. Be a giver, not a taker. 
  3. Be loyal. 
  4. Be a positive person. 
  5. Appreciate the differences in others. 
  6. Build on common interests. 
  7. Be open, honest, and real.

For me,
kawan - kawan zaman sekolah ialah kawan - kawan yang paling best. XOXO!

by John Oxenham:
Art thou lonely, O my brother?
Share thy little with another.
Stretch a hand to one unfriended,
And thy loneliness is ended.

So what is a good friend to you?
How have you been there for your friends, especially during tough times, and looked after yourself at the same time? :)

PSS!!! : Congrats Malaysia!


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