Mar 27, 2010


Penah tengok?
Movie nie men-teruja-kan! , rush , scary , sad and TOTALLY WOAHHHH!!
People , couple , blood , hooligans teenage , lake..

  • Aq memang tak boleh nak bayangkan bila sepasang MERPATI SEJOLI nak honeymoon/holiday , plan tempat baekk punyer , tetiba bukan happy-happy yang diorunk dapat tapi a DISASTER! Sedih dan meng-sayat hati betol.

  • Maybe for Jenny & Steve , Eden Lake to such a romantic relax punyer tempat kut tapi rupenyer.... tempat sedut nyawa diorunk lah...

  • Scary gilekan bila dapat tahu orang yang nak bunuh diorunk bukanlah ORANG DEWASA tapi bebudak.Pergh aq rasa cam "WTHHHHHH Budak-budak nie!!". Cara diorunk membunuh lebih kurang SAW. Bayangkan 1 of bebudak tue jolok pisau dalam mulut Steve.OMG OMG OMG!

  • The worst part is , biler Jenny cuba untuk mintak tolong penduduk kat area situ ( padahal mak bapak bebudak tue jugak ) tapi die plak yang kena.. And the ending was like this ( copy dari wikepedia sebab xtaw camne nak buat ayat dramatis =.=' ) :

She makes it to town, only to crash into the front garden of a house. Making her way around the back of the house, she finds a party in progress, she pleads for help and collapses. Coming to, she finds herself inside the house, with a woman comforting her. As she looks around and listens to the phone call the parents receive from their children, she comes to the realization that she is, in fact, in Brett's house and asks to be shown to the toilet. Brett's father at this point notices the van crashed on the lawn. Finding no escape, Jenny arms herself with a razor. As the commotion builds outside, the door is kicked in and she is confronted by Brett and his father, along with the other party-goers, some of them evidently the parents of the other gang members (including the waitress from the café). Brett's father orders Brett to his room violently as he and another parent push Jenny back into the bathroom. Brett's father says "Just put her in the shower". As the film closes, Brett deletes the videos from Paige's phone and looks into his mirror as Jenny's screams ring from downstairs.

The hooligans teenage

Jenny : Masa tengah sembunyi and tengok Steve kena "seksa" dengan bebudak tue.

Steve : "diseksa" Brett...Pieww tangan kena ikat ngan kawat lah siottt~


Jenny try nak selamatkan Steve. Masa nie Steve dah nyawa - nyawa fish ball

Jenny again sedang meng selamatkan Steve. Padahal masa nie........ Steve dah mati :(

Tengoklah movie nie! BEST!
Hahaha pomot abis , padahal nie movie taon 2008 =.='

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