Hello! I’m Ainnz Abiggaill! You can call me Ainn or Abi. I’m 20++ *1988*, a BBA student major in Human Resource.  I’m living my dream and blogging about my interest & my high imagination.

I started Big Mouth Strikes Again about three years ago, just for fun. At that time, this blog known as Wooot Wooot!. I had no particular goals or plans for my blog outside of posting Tagged Game, childish entry and some annoying crap. Through the years, blogging become my addiction and a special part of my life. I start to include a little bit of Fact, DIY, Recipe and few other points. 

I use “Big Mouth Strikes Again” as a blog name since last two month, inspired by The Smiths hit song - Big Mouth Strikes Again. I changed my blog title!

My blog is my virtual external hard disk, I keep too many things here. So feel free to explore. Thanks for reading my little blog. Welcome! 

Ainnz Abiggaill

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